• Correct Implementation of Network Protocols

    Describes the fundamental problems in developing network protocols and introduces the Timed Abstract Protocol notation and the Austin Protocol Compiler. Demonstrates how TAP and APC combine to solve the fundamental problems. My Ph.D. dissertation. [CorrectImplementation.pdf]

  • The Austin Protocol Compiler Reference Manual

    Technical Report UTCS-TR02-05, The University of Texas at Austin, 2002.

    Reference manual for the Austin Protocol Compiler. This link is for the most current version.

  • Correctness Preserving Transformations for Network Protocol Compilers

    With M.G. Gouda. Prepared for the Workshop on New Visions for Software Design and Productivity: Research and Applications, Dec., 2001, Nashville, TN.

    White paper. [PreservingCorrectness.pdf]

  • Hop Integrity in Computer Networks

    With M. G. Gouda, E. N. Elnozahy, and C.-T. Huang. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, Vol 10, No. 3, June 2002. Also, Proceedings of the 8th IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols, Osaka, Japan, November 2000.

    This describes three protocols that can be added to the routers in a computer network so that the network can provide hop integrity. A network is said to provide hop integrity iff when any router in the network receives a message supposedly from an adjacent router, it can check that the message was indeed sent by the adjacent router, that the message was not modified after it was sent, and that the message was not a replay of an old message. These three protocols are a frequent key exchange protocol, a weak integrity protocol, and a strong integrity protocol. All three protocols are stateless and require little overhead. [hopintegrity.pdf] [jsac1.pdf] [] [TR-00-19.pdf] []

  • Correct Implementation of Network Protocols from Abstract Specifications

    Dissertation Proposal, The University of Texas at Austin, Feb., 2000.

    This argues that abstract specifications for networking protocols make assumptions that are impractical in order to make verification easier, but which make strictly faithful implementation more difficult. Therefore, an implementation is an approximation of an abstract specification. This paper discusses the development of a model of execution for the AP abstract notation which does not strictly abide by the semantics of AP but preserves some of the safety and progress properties of the original specification. [dp.pdf] []

  • Alert Communication Primitives in TCP

    With M.G. Gouda. Journal of High Speed Networks, Volume 9, Number 2/2000.

    This considers communication primitives, called alert, which satisfy two conditions. First, if during any execution of the primitive no failure occurs, then the execution completes successfully. Second, if during any execution some failure occurs, then the execution is aborted and the process that initiated the execution is informed of the failure. We argue that the send primitive over TCP is alert, but the receive primitive over TCP is not. Then, we propose three new receive primitives over TCP and show that each of them is alert. We also discuss how to implement these three primitives and compare their performance. [alert.pdf] []

  • Accelerated Heartbeat Protocols

    With M.G. Gouda. Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, May, 1998, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

    This presents a class of protocols intended to ensure that if one process involved terminates, the remaining processes recognize that event even in the face of message losses. These protocols attempt a compromise between a low rate of overhead messages, a low detection delay, and a low probability of premature termination. [heartbeat.pdf] []

  • Implementing Abstract Protocols in C

    Master's Thesis, The University of Texas at Austin, 1994.

    This is my Master's thesis submitted at UT Austin. It describes the original APC system for implementing networking protocols specified using Dr. Mohamed G. Gouda's Abstract Protocol notation. [thesis.pdf] []

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